Bluetooth BLE presence detection

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Bluetooth BLE presence detection

Messagepar @VincentRecipon » 27 Fév 2017 00:17

For anybody interested in presence detection using BLE devices, I was able to have this kind of detection working for eedomus.
However you have to setup a dedicated tool on a linux (raspberry for instance) managin BLE interface, because eedomus isn't compatible with BLE for the time being.
Nevertheless installation is not so complicated.
Everything is explained in this post : ... us?lang=en

Don't hesitate to add some question inside the post to receive any answer !

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Re: Bluetooth BLE presence detection

Messagepar Kitor » 27 Fév 2017 14:32

Un mot : 'FHEM' ou avec un raspberry ou avec un NAS et cela marche impeccable :D
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