support for z-uno

Any ideas for the eedomus box and service ?

support for z-uno

Messagepar SergioPeris » 03 Juin 2018 10:57

Hi eedomus team,

I have been trying to get z-uno working with some of its features with eedomus since a while (I even have 2 controllers, one with z-wave plus capabilities). I am a strong supporter of the features of eedomus and I really see its progression and commitment to the z-wave community.

However, the level of compatibility and capabilities supported currently by eedomus is quite limited in regards of z-uno. Other less advanced controllers allow to use much more functions with could make them more attractive.

I have raised several requests via support but I have got no response which makes me uncomfortable in the sense that you do not express any intention to evolve the integration with z-uno. However, I do see you getting more and more devices frequently.

So I wonder if you could share what are your plans arround z-uno and if there is any action/help I can provide or that you may need from that you are not getting. For the shake of clarity I am just a user of both devices.


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