Qubino Smart Meter Din Rail ZMNHTxx

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Qubino Smart Meter Din Rail ZMNHTxx

Messagepar Fabio » 31 Jan 2017 12:47

Somebody uses this device with no particular issues?

After included and excluded the device several and several times, disconnectet and reconnected from the powerline, changed configuration in very different modes, i still have problems.
the data in eedomus portal seems locked after a first measurement, after a new inclusion with the device near to the box it seems works, but after some hours the values are totally wrong, (power reading of 20W instead 700 W, sometimes power of hundred milions of Watts... Accumulated Power stucked at the same value for over and over).

I opened a Ticket more than one moth ago without any reply, i tried searchig in the French forum without success (my french speaking is very poor).

this is my configuration:
Both Wired and Infrared Relay DISABLED (i also tried enabled)
Power reporting in watts on power change: 5
Power reporting in watts by time interval: 5 seconds
Reset conters (executed several times with value 15)
Enable / Disable endpoints IR external relay and External relay: 0 (disabled)

Group 1 association to the node 1 of Eedomus box.

Other info: 1 phase installation (live and neutral) 230 V 50 Hz,

Same issue if i bring the device really near to the box (less than one meter) with a load connected, (actually the device works at 10/15 meters from the box).

I think the problem is in the Eedomus box, seems that there s a sort of chache that stuck the values, (i also did some reboot to the box).

The last thing i have to do is a complete reset of the Box but this means that later i will have to reinclude all my 40 devices that will be very frustrating (i have a Hole in the nodes from 2 to 8 and the Smart meter is included at node 65 due to several inclusions/exlusions.

It also very frustrating that Eedomus service won't answer to the Ticket support.

Tank you in advance for any reply!

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Re: Qubino Smart Meter Din Rail ZMNHTxx

Messagepar @VincentRecipon » 09 Fév 2017 23:30


I don't know this device but did you check advanced parameters of your device. For some types there is a parameter which acts on polling. Did you think about Zwave network optimization also ?
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Re: Qubino Smart Meter Din Rail ZMNHTxx

Messagepar Fabio » 14 Fév 2017 00:25

HI, ThankYou very much for your reply.
Yes i managed with advanced paramertes, Polling and Network Optimization without success, I noticed through the command API GET (from Eedomus API utility) that there's only the value from when i included the device, (from that day the values did not canged), I am not really into API code Language so, i don't know if there's somethig wrong in that code:

{ "success": 1, "body":{"periph_id": 5....., "values": []}}

{ "success": 1, "body":{"periph_id": "5.....", "name": "Consumo Generale", "last_value": "540.6", "last_value_text": "", "last_value_change": "2017-02-11 03:16:52"}}

That the value (540,6 Watt) which is not real that i have since the first inclusion and which never changed, same thing from Accumulated Power and Network Voltage.

Thanks again
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Re: Qubino Smart Meter Din Rail ZMNHTxx

Messagepar CarlosBoman » 13 Mai 2024 08:42

Great.geometry dash meltdown Your solution will be useful to me later.
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