Eedomus+ and high number of devices

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Eedomus+ and high number of devices

Messagepar @VincentRecipon » 13 Oct 2015 23:16


I've just replaced old eedomus with new eedomus+. Some information about that in this post :

I have now 156 devices and I have still tons of ideas to be set in it. I then wonder if this new box have sufficient power and memory to handle 200 or 300 devices and >100 rules + php scripts

Does anybody have experiments in such configuration ?

In all cases, what's your configuration, how many devices and rules do you have ? I expect to see many different types of eedomus users with really different setup and size, however I'm not sure about this assumption.
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Re: Eedomus+ and high number of devices

Messagepar ivanruban » 15 Avr 2016 12:44

I have 40 ZWave devices, 5 enocean, 5 cameras and many virtual (state) devices
In principle the limitation of ZWave technology is 232 devices per controller. Nevertheless I am not sure regarding ZWave+.

In eedomus+ I am sure you can easily operate 232 devices anyway. The perfomance should be also enough for running your scripts. In older eedomus (non plus) version, I would not recommend to have so many devices

In the worst case - if you feel you have the perfomance issues - you can attach one more secondary controller eedomus+.
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