My eedomus has multiplied everything by five

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My eedomus has multiplied everything by five

Messagepar Nax » 01 Mai 2021 13:40

I have a big problem with my eedomus.
I tried to restore some rules and immediately it multiplied by 3 everything: peripherals, rules, schedules ...
I tried to restore to an interior point and although it says the operation is correct, it doesn't really execute it.
I tried to repeat the rules again and he added 2 more things of all, so now I have 5 peripherals of each, 5 rules of each and five programming of each.
The system has gone completely crazy, none of the original 85 rules it had works and also the eedomus technical service does not respond to my request.
Totally determined to reset it completely, I have started by doing a hardware reset, but it had no effect. I completely deleted my account and created a new user to completely delete all data. When starting with the new user, it appears as factory default, but if I enter my previous user, they still follow my rules and peripherals.
Is there any way I can get back everything I had and that I can go back to using my usual username?

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