FYI: Automating Awnings based on Cloud Coverage

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FYI: Automating Awnings based on Cloud Coverage

Messagepar Horia » 18 Mai 2017 18:16

Hi All,

Just an updateI you may use.

- I wanted to automate my terrace awnings to open only when is appropriate.

- I could not mediate the cloud coverage (couverture nuageuse) in the complex rule to open and close based also on temperature, wind, rain, home security, day light...

Attempt and I hope final resolution:
- I started with an HTTP sensor (capteur) from, I finalised with Free service, 30 min, accurate cloud coverage. Reports in JSON, hence enable JSON to XML, XPATH to use in eedomus is: /root/entry/CloudCover. You need to get an API KEY as usual, if interested register for free on: The API to use is the Current Conditions from

Thanks, Horia
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