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"Heating zone" programming problem ?.
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Auteur:  alexsunny123 [ 30 Déc 2020 09:11 ]
Sujet du message:  "Heating zone" programming problem ?.


New to eedomus, I am facing my first noobs problem ...
I installed two modules on my eedomus box: the FGS211 fibaro directly connect to my heating in ON / OFF mode in the living room and Thermo-hygrometer ( ST814) in the living room.
Both work well in the eedomus.
However, when I want to create a new "heating zone" program, it tells me "An additional device is necessary for this type of programming:
Indoor thermometer".

Auteur:  opa95 [ 30 Déc 2020 10:53 ]
Sujet du message:  Re: "Heating zone" programming problem ?.

The St814 has to be declared as "temperature" and the Fgs211 as "chauffage" and a widget as "temperature externe".
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